Exclusive Leads vs Shared Leads: Which is Better?

When it comes to buying leads, you have options. Two of the most common are shared and exclusive leads, both of which are unique in what they offer. If you’re trying to decide between these models, then the information below can help. With this, you’ll be able to better decide which option is right for you.

Shared Leads

With this model, leads are sold to multiple buyers rather than just one person. As the buyer, this means more competition between you and anyone else who has purchased the leads. However, it also means a lower purchasing price, which can mean being able to buy many more at the same time. If you’re confident in your sales strategy and have a well-known brand, then this is something that can absolutely work for you.

– Affordable
– Easy to buy in bulk

– Competition

Exclusive Leads

With this model, leads are sold to a single buyer. This means there is no competition among buyers, which can be beneficial for companies that aren’t very well known. This is not the most popular choice but it’s a great one for those who don’t mind paying a higher price.

– Quality leads
– No competition

– More expensive